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Transform your life and tune into unbounded potential within you. Welcome to transformational learning platform. The world’s first integrated learning.

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Level One


Shifting from unconscious to conscious stage. Level 1 of our programmes brings you alive in different ways. The dormant areas of mind are activated and you are now willing to look at the things more keenly like never before. You question your old concept and ideas. This is a phase of starting a renaissance in your life, in your mind.

Level Two


Thinking to witness your thinking. A special ability of the mind where a different dimension opens up to you and now you can witness clearly your own thinking impartially and without judging. This is the phase where you start to bring down your self-identification from the functioning of the mind. 

Level Three

Altered States of Consciousness

You are now empowered with enhanced perception and superior intelligence. You start experiencing life the way you never thought possible. Lots of your inhibitions, fear and emotional issues are overcome apart from enhancing your perceiving abilities and intelligences like visuospatial, emotional intelligence, interpersonal, intra-personal, linguistic or bodily kinaesthetic are developed. You now have the ability to import ideas, visions and life sketch of who you could be. 

Level Four


The last and the most powerful stage of our programme is the pure consciousness state, The ultimate stage of union with the rest of creation and becoming the ultimate transaction. Now you are in tune with the rest of the creation. You are in a state of absolute union. The state of super-consciousness. 

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