Transform. Empower. Enrich.

Personal Transformation that awakens you

Personal transformation that awaken you , your growth journey is just not about the education system in which you have been for fifteen to twenty years of your life but you need more than conventional education. Now you have realised your after completing your high school or gradation somewhere down the line you are incomplete and missing on something that is so integral to your life well the answer is happiness, satisfaction , wellness that one is looking for and also more importantly it is an intelligence that guide us weather you call it intuition, higher intelligence, etc. we need a sense of perception that brings transformation of our mind and body.

The answer lies in Transformation
not conventional education.

People want to grow in their life , but somehow they feel stuck, incomplete and unsatisfied even after your education , having the work culture and dream job you ever dreamed off , or the society in which you live and the degree that you have somehow you are not feeling enough ? but what is the reason behind that , why your prevailing education degree and your current state of mind is not allowing you to experience what your deepest core within you want to experience . Well the answer lies in Transformation not conventional education.

Solving problem. Creative solutions.
Tapping in Altered states of mind for solving problem

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”, -Albert Einstein.

Successful peoples somehow have access to an altered state of consciousness in which they perceive differently and work differently, they have knowingly or unknowingly access to this dimension of mind , where they are connected to higher alignment , consciousness and perception , from where they subconsciously imports ideas, visions, intuition , inner calling , and much more. 

Good news is that you can also tap into this dimension of existence , where you can access ideas, vision , purpose life and find not only creative answers to all your problems but also make your problems stepping stone to reach higher possibilities “

Journey from

Yourself to Your “Self”

Once you transform “your-self” to experience your “self” and experience the life in its full glory and the underlying potential you will find that you have the feeling of enrichment, fulfilment and satisfaction in your life and once your experience and enrichment combines this leads to empowerment , it empowers you phenomenally and you within your “self” hold the power to empower and enlighten others life as well. You then live for humanity ,for true well being of people.


The traditional education system that we have is not transforming us in the terms of better human being , it is not enhancing our perception ,they way we look at life , and experience life.

We need more than learning we need transformation , transformation that enhances our experience of life and the perception of life.

Transformation that we can breathe , transformation that we can soak and dive in the depth of our inner being.

We need transformation, we need uplifment of our consciousness so we can perceive better , be in tune with the life.

A curriculum that is foundational to your development 


We endeavour to bring your attention to the most neglected but the most closest part of who you are , what are you made of, curriculum that is not taught in school but required for the school , not taught in college but required in college , not taught in Career but required for the career, not taught in life but prerequisite for the life.

Mindskullptures helps you to touch your beautiful inner dimension where you explore unbounded inner dimension and helps you to tap into your unbounded

Our programmes focuses on developing the subtle faculties of the mind which you otherwise would not know unless you pay attention and have a structured way to approach and access the subtle qualities of the mind. What you need is clarity of perception which leads to happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction and positive outlook.

Are you ready to be born second time in this life ! Ready for life of  abundance , happiness and joy – duvi-jivas (Twice Born) 

When we were born, forces of environment starts acting on us, the mind unconsciously is influenced and created by the thinking and thoughts and thought process of others. The subconscious conditioning started to guide our mind and body without we knowing it , and we are in an automatic pilot mode, our mind, body and emotions , energies are moulded by the forces like inner chatter / noise of or own mind, outside thoughts , emotions of the people , family , society , peer group around us, but amidst this we never realises who we are , our consciousness is driven by the forces that are not known to us or is below the threshold level where we cannot detect it that is the levels below our current level of awareness , so what do we do ? , governed by these forces in your internal and external environment all the life or should we wake up to take control of our lives ? Answer is reinvent the new you , by developing the new mind , the new body , the new emotions . and step into the new world of health, happiness , joy , satisfaction , fulfilment , abundance , and superior perception.

Meet Sachin 

From self help books to meditation to mindfulness to mountains to mystics he had a great journey discovering himself. Sachin has a recommendation to all of you that is if ever the only book that you have to read is the book that lies within you. And the only destination to reach is to reach the destination within. He is now on the mission to train and transform peoples life so that they can perform they way they want in the field of their choice, and be healthy, fulfilled and satisfied. He believes that the fundamentals of self transformation and personal growth remains the same irrespective of the people , profile , place , educational background , or business activity , or job that they have.