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Business is a process of making right decisions under uncertainty - You can ride the business if you know how to ride on uncertainty

When we talk about transformation we talk about it at every level – including making decision in the face of uncertainty. We have especially developed some of our programmes for entrepreneurs because entrepreneurship requires unprecedented challenges every situation is different and requires unprecedented measures.

Stable Business need Stable minds -and Stable minds need higher states of consciousness

Every decision are to some or greater extent are made in face of uncertainty. Sometimes certain situations waters needs to be tested and it sometime overwhelms the decision maker as he is under various pressures ranging from family pressures, social obligations , moral judgments , ethical obligations , business decisions , financial decisions , etc. This most of the time takes toll on our health , mental ,emotional , physical etc. and we are not able to either makes decisions or scummbles down and seizure under the pressure or throw us off mentally.

We believe that to run the enterprise successfully we require more than a degree in business, we require something that is not taught in Top B-Schools or provided by any other uni / college We require a stable personality amidst the external situations and circumstances surrounding the decision maker and the enterprise.

Stable Business need Stable minds -and Stable minds need higher states of consciousness

We need a programme that is holistic , sustainable and inclusive in terms of developing the most innermost parts of the personality which are not otherwise accessible at the level of consciousness on which we exist. It requires a different plane of operation , a different organisation within an individual that is firmly established in the person so that it is not shaken even amidst the unforeseeable circumstances.

Our curriculum for the business/ entrepreneurship are based on these important parameters

In synchronization with World economic forum

Our programmes for business are specially designed for the need of the hour and as per the requirement of the world in this unprecedented time where we are facing anything from biological threat to the artificial intelligence threats that is making our business decision making highly complex and uncertain requiring high engagement of prefrontal cortex area of the brain like never before.

Great business requires Great interpersonal skills

Equipping the business owner with the required skills to handle the uncertainty in the business so that they can efficiently manage themselves and blending the spiritual life in the business so that navigation becomes smooth and easy.

Weather you are starting a business or you are an established business you always need to upgrade yourself in terms of mental framework, Body framework and spiritual framework that you follow and the protocol of your mind and body so that you can make better decision which are better in tune with the cosmic flow of energies so that the higher intelligence can support you effectively and you become less of resistance and more of flow and faith.

Ending the dilemma of decision making- Dilemma is a delusion which procrastinates decision making.

Before taking any decision we face several dilemmas but at the end there is always is a gap where we need to jump in the zone of uncertainty , we at mindskullptures prepares you for that zone of uncertainty where you can effectively handle and manage yourself and hence the business.

Ending the dilemma of decision making- Dilemma is a delusion which procrastinates decision making.

At mindskullptures we have recognised the essential tool required to bring the lasting change. At Mindskullptures we study behaviour in corporate setting , we study mind in corporate setting and their responses in varying conditions. Due to our experimentation we have reached a set of tools which you will be requiring to bring the real transformation in your mind and body.

Developing Abilities and Skills that Transform and open up to new possibilities

We believe in inculcating permanent transformation in the teams so that problems are not nagging them all the time at the periphery of the mind , we work on the quality of mind, brain, emotions , energy , that they require to increase the productivity and efficiency.

MindSkullptures believes in creativity so that your true potential can be reached and explored in so many different ways so that you become a genius of your own kind by delving into the depth of your own mind and by accessing the alternate states of consciousness.

Weworkthoroughlyonthebodyinandout. Ourworkisnotjustinofficebutwhatyoudo after your leave your workplace , we look into simple but profound aspect of your mind and rectify the problems of your mind which are not allowing you to tap into the unbounded potential and also access the deepest core of your self for more spiritual benifits.

Sleeping better, staying focused , transcending mental states, cognitive switching are some of the benefits that you will attain by our programmes designed for business.

Happiness , growth , true self , reaching their full potential

We train you to brings solution for challenges in corporate world

Accessing the alternate states of mind to solve problems

Some challenges in the corporate world just block our expression of creative self and creative energies and hence we feel suffocated inside ourselves we helps you to access the alternate perception by using various tools so that you can overcomes the challenges of the corporate world where you are sometime oppressed and depressed by the challenging situations that you faces and to use the challenges as a stepping stone for your self development.

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