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Education that brings transformation - School

Transformative education that forms the foundation of any kind of formal education , the beauty of traditional/conventional education shall be enhanced. We need to know more about mind and the body and the “ beyond dimension”. As a parents and teacher should know more about our mind and body so that we can induce our children in a process that will develop in the child a system that will enhance his mind and body in an unimaginable way.

Transformation happens at the level of

We teach a curriculum that is unique in so many different way and required to be integrated in children through their parent and teachers. So we train not only work with children but also with their parents and teacher because that is where they will be spending most of their time.

Features of transformation learning skills that students must possess.

Where creativity is flourished in the child

The creativity in the child is invoked based on the inherent interest and curiosity

Creativity comes from the inherent interest in the students because at their level of consciousness and awareness.

Child is a flower to be blossomed. Every child is loaded with unique gifted capabilities and unlimited possibilities

Every child is beautiful , creative and unique in its own way and we believe that if we can allow the child to be precisely the child with his unique curiosity than we dont need anything else. We preserve the same curiosity within him and allow that curiosity to function with the tools that we provide so that they can nurture in the process without they need to understand the mechanics.

A plant is not taught to blossom, we just provide water , nutritious soil and enough sunlight it blossom on its own. Let our child also flowers in the same way we just provide him sufficient resources as nature has taken care of all of us it will take care of the child too and it always has.

Experiential learning. Involvement. Engaged.- where the curiosity is invoked

When the senses of the students in engaged in conscious learning , not just he is learning but he / she knows that they are learning makes world of difference , there is a difference between conscious learning and unconscious learning.
We focus on mindful learning , and meta-cognitive learning so that your child experiences that he is learning and makes rich neural connections which interconnects to other neural connection and a wider range of learning , understanding and transformation could occur as a student learns consciously. We need to raise the awareness and consciousness of the students so that whatever they learn comes from what they want to do , rather than what others want them to do.

Right exposure. Right process. Right time.
- makes all the difference

This is what we do at MindSkullptures we initiate into a process, a system , we work with mechanics of mind and body.

Parents and Teachers we are together in this transformative journey of students mind and body.

In a journey of self- growth of child we need the support of parents and teachers as they are the first and second line of contact with the child and spends most of the time with them or under their supervision.

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