We need to think education differently ; where the subject becomes the mind and body.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. – aristotle – Greek Philosopher.

What we focus on is not conventional education but the very face of future education. Enables students to solve the problem which sooner or later they will face in their life and career. Conventional education teaches about subject knowledge say philosophy, science, psychology , history , Business , Administration etc. , but our transformational learning works on the level of mind, body and beyond dimension of existence which forms the foundational aspect of your life and conventional education.

We all are the students for the life … life is a process of transformation


In Transformational learning the subject is different , the subject itself is the mind, body and Subtle faculties of mind. we work at the very core of the mind and teaches you the mechanics of the mind and body so that you dont need to apply the knowledge when the need arise but you yourself is the process that is required to solve the problem. This is transformation when you yourself is the mean as well as the end.


Once you have the transformation learning then you are not just a mere reader of the subject book but now you think , feel , act and invent your own subject knowledge which enhances your conventional education along with providing you a unique perspective of your mind, body and the environment around you. You then becomes the innovator and executor of knowledge not just reader of the subject knowledge taught in conventional education.

Features of transformation learning skills that students must possess.

Empowering minds. Empowering Lives. Empowering education.

Developing mind and its faculty and keeping the physical body primed is fundamental to any student whether you are in school or university. We work on the foundation of mind and body and provides the essential knowledge base and practices for the students of any class. Because we understand and care for the background thought process of the mind of the student and ways , practices on how to handle them. True transformation can occur only when you work with the foundation on which the conventional education system is laid out.

Educating student about their faculty of mind and body which they already possess

Special kind of Transformative education that comes before schooling , college degree , or entering a job , or becoming an entrepreneur

Mind and body education bring transformation in you and training your mind and body is the most valuable investment in terms of time , money and energy because its returns are exponential and it keeps on multiplying like a compounding effect.

The most important resource that you possess is your mind and body and not a schooling certificate or a college degree.


The most important resource is the mind and body , we should focus on the developing on the core foundation of mind and body instead of focusing on just acquiring a schooling or degree. Developing mind and the body is foundational to everything that you will do in your life. Almost all activity require these two resources your mind and body.

Becoming better version of yourself – Competition is healthy – within oneself


Growth is the way of life and every one of us need to get better at the things that we do. However getting in unconscious competition with your environment is not required when you wants to grow. Students mind may get blocked due to unhealthy unconscious competition and may take away his creative abilities because now the forces of environment starts to act on his mind leading to cognitive overload and later stress and wear out occurs and cognitive narrowing happens which makes the vision of the student blurred or mypoic.