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The Amazing Power of Breath

The power of breath - Raising the level of consiousness

The power of Breath – The Amazing Power of Breath 


Breath the most important aspect of our life goes unnoticed by us in our day to day life

How many of us are aware of our breath in the whole day ? May be very few of us. Breath is the tool, a doorway for us to connect to the divine, a doorway to connect to our true self, and a doorway to connect to our consciousness. 


 the power of breath


But why most of the people are not able to use this simple tool ? 

We are not able to use this simple tool because our mind is always jumping from one thought to another and from one thing to another either it is a thought or a outside thing it is always jumping. 


But the question is how we can become aware of our breath to take this advantage ? 

We have to use our will to become aware of our breath in our day to day life. A whole lot of culture of Buddhism, Yoga, etc talks about paying attention to our breath so that we can be liberated from the cyclic pattern of our thinking or to put it more simply so that we are liberated from the loop of our thinking which is recycling our memories relentlessly.


Breath is a tool to practice mindfulness

Breathing is a tool to practice mindfulness in our day to day life. How mindful are we of our own breath will determine the way you perceive in this world. The more mindful we are of our breath the more still our minds are. The more mindful we are of our breath slowly and gradually this mindfulness will be also reflected in the other things that you pay attention to , you will become more mindful and will be paying more attention to the details. The more attention you pay the more clearly you will be able to perceive. 


Breath is a tool to connect to divine

The frequency of breath can alter the thoughts you mind produces there is a direct connection of the no of breath per minute and the frequency and nature of your thoughts. If by practicing yoga asana and pranayama we can naturally bring the breath per minutes to a less no of breath per minute we can experience peace of mind and hence can we perceive better and think better with clarity of perception.


Breath as a tool to go beyond

The tool that we have is breath which can liberate us from the cyclic thinking of the mind. If we practice through our will power and direct our attention on the breath again and again then our mind and brain can be trained to naturally watch our breath and be with the breath all the time even when you are doing some other activity. The more we watch our breath the better we become at regulating our thoughts, emotions and imagination and more control we will have over our decisions that we make and hence more control over our lives. 


Breath as a centring tool 

Breath as a centring tool for your mind as your mind has a tendency to sway from one thought to another and from one story to another creating unnecessary anxiety and tention in your mind you can bring back your mind to the centre point by coming back again and again to your breath and further use this breathe as a tool to bring the attention back to the present moment.

Breath as a tool to regulate the uncontrolled imagination Propelled by Fear

Uncontrolled imagination takes a grip on your mind because your consciousness is lowered and mind is taking your away from your real self towards the imagined self which itself is propelled by memory and imagination. You are required to create a reference point where you mind can come back again to the reference point and this reference point becomes stronger and stronger as you practice mindfulness and meditation.

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January 22, 2022

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