The Ultimate Meditation Programme
Discover the Ultimate Meditation Programme to know your true self a practical approach to reach to the higher level of consciousness. The best way of realising your true potential and also improve your focus, attention , concentration , Access Subconscious mind and much more.
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For anyone who is looking forward to enhance their perception and intelligence so that they can discover their true self apart from their mind projections. Also for those who can improve their focus , attention , concentration , access subconscious mind. 

Do you want to know who you are but struggling to find the answers ? You need a structured approach for the path of your discovering your true self. 

Do you want to unleash your true potential and discover your true life journey 

Find your vision and purpose of life , be more than what you are right now. 

Are you someone whose mind is hyper active and restless during day time and even in the night time when you are asleep. 

Are you someone who have no idea about mind and its subtle faculties but are willing to discover your mind more. 

Or may you just want to enjoy life more , be satisfied and fulfilled with what you already have but your mind keeps on jumping from one point to another keeping you restless. 

Or maybe you are on a path of spiritual discovery of your true self and wants to know life and beyond.

Introducing you the ultimate meditation programme with personal guidance

The name ultimate because it is a a comprehensive and thorough meditation programme which will go into the details of meditation in theory and practice to better understand the working and mechanics of mind and meditation. 

In just 8 hours of class spread over 2 months , daily 8 -10 minutes of session , This micro sized learning in daily bytes will make you absorb and process information comfortably so that you can think and introspect and make notes of the journey of personal growth and self development.

Daily 10 minutes of session and you will discover meditation from every angle possible challenging your previous thoughts, emotions, attitude , beliefs , behavioural component, How to access subconscious, Altered states of consciousness and much more interesting facts about your mind  , body and beyond dimension.

Meet the Author - Sachin on The Ultimate Meditation Programme

Sachin has discovered meditation when he post graduated from university of leeds UK. After Graduating in Masters of Automobile engineering he found that the knowledge that he has gained is good but not good enough to handle life and know life beyond what he knew then. He was curious to discover life from every possible angle and certain situations changed his course of journey forever.

He started discovering meditation and the role it plays in discovering your mind, mind management, concentration , attention , motivation , goal achievement , peaceful, blissfulness of mind and various cognitive functions of the mind that we never pays attention to .

In today’s time people are not troubled by their body as much as they are troubled by their mind. Neuroplasticity , neurosciences and researches done on brain and nervous system  have proved that meditation is beneficial in numerous way to improve productivity , better concentration , enhanced perception , positive outlook in life , brain coherence , neuro-plasticity and much more.

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What You'll Learn

  1. Unlock your true self 

  2. Get in touch with creative energies 

  3. Improved Cognitive functions 

    Improved cognitive function

  4. Mental Clarity
  5. Razor-Sharp Focus
  6. Develop Perception abilities
  7. Access Deep Sleep 
  8. Develop Emotional Quotient and Emotional Intellgence

The Curriculum

The Ultimate Meditation Programme Curriculum

The ultimate meditation programme curriculum is comprehensive and inclusive programme developed after thorough research. It is the best and the most comprehensive and transformative audio video content available in the market which also comes with the workbook and bonus practice routine that one has to follow also it comes with the support of the author directly which will guide you and direct you in case you have any question regarding the meditation. 

Phase 1

Phase 1 : Time Machine  

Time Machine – Lets go on a trip – when you were born – “ Mind is like a tabula rasa , on which experience shall write “.

Highlights include:

Phase 2

Phase 2 : Dismantling the mental chatter / cognitive restructuring


Highlights include:

Phase 3

Phase 3 : Becoming Unlimited – becoming the pure energy- the psychological Nirvana


Highlights include:

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What You Get:

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For Institutions & Schools

For Institutions & Schools

For Businesses & Startups

For Businesses & Startups

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How this programme help me in achieving Meditativeness

How does this program help me in developing meditativeness of the mind ?

This is the Ultimate Meditation programme that will help you to develop a integrated and comprehensive knowledge and practical framework.

How to Buy the Programme

How can i buy the ultimate meditation programme 

You can click on the join the programme button on this page and this will open a separate payment page where you can enter your payment details and you will get a confirmation email for the order with a valid order id. This course will reflect in your account that you have create on

Payment option available

What are the payment options avaliable ?

You can pay through debit card , credit card , netbanking , swipe pay , paytm, Paypal etc. all major credit card , debit card and banking facilities are accepted.